2016 Nanjing Unofficial Triathlon on May 29th

Online Registration closed! Register by mail!

Dear friends and participants of the Nanjing Unofficial Purple Mountain Triathlon

It's happening this weekend!

Click the link on the right to see if you are registered as of May 27th.

Wechat Group: Please search Wechat ID: Hoellmuth and add as your contact. Please state your name and "Triathlon" in your initial message. You will be added to a Triathlon group to do short notice communications with each other. Your contact will be deleted after Sunday if you wish so

The lake water temperature this above 20 degrees and the water quality is good. We had a test swim this (Wednesday) morning without wetsuit. The conditions are good. The location is as gorgeous as ever. We can look forward to the swim.
The weather forecast has improved. Overcast! Unless there are Thunderstorms we will go ahead with the event as planned

  • Important for the weekend:

For picking up the race kits there are two possibilities:
1. On Friday 27th or Saturday 28th until 4pm at Skyways Bakery in Xianlin. The location is Qixia District, Xianlin University City, Xianyin North Rd., Near intersection with Wenshu Rd. (栖霞区,仙林大学城,仙隐北路口文枢路)
2. At the start of the Bike Course Introduction on Saturday 28th at 5pm. The departure will be from the Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort

At either location we need from you: Participation Fee of 50,- CNY per person and the signed waiver. Please note that we need one waiver per participant. For three member relay we need three waivers. If you are delegate picking up the kit for your entire team please collect signed waivers beforehand. The same goes for individual participants picking up kits on behalf of others. It is possible, but we need signed waivers!
On both occasions you can drop a bag with your run gear. This bag will be ready for you at T2 when you arrive from the bike course.
This service is for individual participants only. Relays can organize gear between them.

For everyone who does not know the cycle course we will have an introductory tour on Saturday afternoon 5pm starting from the Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort. Andrei, one of our seasoned participants will ride with you around the bike course. The pace will be "recreational". Andrei will use his scooter. Two participants have indicated that they will take their 4 year old in the bike trailer. There is no registration for this tour, but if you are more than 15 minutes late, we will leave without you. If you are held up call 13770722777 and let us know.

The after race breakfast will be at the Sofitel Breakfast buffet. We will have a separate seating area reserved where we will publish results, award trophies and exchange stories

Everyone pays for his own breakfast with the hotel

For participants doing this race for the first time: There is a 1500m run from the swim to the cycle start. If you use click pedal cycling shoes, you will need another pair of running shoes for this segment. You can drop them at the bike start in our organizer car (Silver Honda Odyssey 苏A E75Q1). They will be brought to the finishing line. For relays: Any team member can run this segment: The swimmer, the runner or the cyclist!

For participants staying at the Sofitel and not knowing where the race start is: We will have someone riding the bike from the hotel to the race start on Sunday moring. Departure time from the hotel will be announced on the website

If you have a GPS which allows you to download routes, check the link section above. You can download .gpx, .kml and .tcx files for your device. There might be an offset of a some meters to the actual course, but it will definitely help you to not get lost. We checked the *.kml file on Google Earth. It has a 470m offset in 297° direction! Not very helpful …

The price for the Breakfast Buffet at the Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort will be 160,- per person. Children under 6 years are free. Children under 14 years pay half price

Course update: This is the modified bike course

View route map for Triathlon_Cycle_Route on

And here is the new running course. We are using the Nanjing Greenway along the Huanling Road. It is a beautiful shaded course under Purple Mountain trees! And: It is a bit shorter with 6.4 km!

View route map for Triathlon_Run on

Participation fees for May 2016 are:

  • Individuals: 50,- RMB

  • Relays with three team members: 150,- RMB

  • Relays with two team members: 100,- RMB

Breakfast at Sofitel is 160,- CNY which is payable directly to the hotel

Support our Sponsors:

  • Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort
  • Specialized Bike Shop, Jinxianghe Rd. Nanjing
  • RocketScienceSport
  • Skyways
  • Nanjing International School



750m Swim in beautiful Purple Cloud Lake

Run to T1:

1200m run from swim to cycle


25 km Cycle around Zhongshan Scenic Area ending at the Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort


6,50 km Run

All routes overview

NUT Hotel Sponsor

Reservations at the Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort for May 28th

RATE: RMB 700 net per room per night

Mail to Robin

Quote: “Triathlon Reservation”

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News from the organizer

Race Categories for NanjingManTriathlon:


Open water swim challenge
Individual female
Individual male
Individual junior (born 1995 or younger)
Relay female
Relay male
Relay mixed
Relay family (all from the same)
Relay Junior (all born 1995 or younger)